Thursday, June 15, 2017

So far....


have been cutting dairy from my diet. Not completely, but enough that I could say I eat it on occasion. I still have an ice cream here and there and I cannot pass up cheese if I go out or attend an event. But I have definitely stopped buying cow milk for more than a year now. I have just switched up my yogurt to coconut yogurt (but that thing is expensive). I do not buy cheese anymore only eat it outside my house. I have butter but it is used for baking purpose or if I want to cook something and I want that  butter taste. But even that, once I am done with that small piece of butter left, I will not buy more unless needed. 
As far as dairy products, I feel I am doing good. Where I need to work hard is reducing my fruit consumption. I after reading a couple of blogs and having conversations with other people on this healthy journey, I realized that I was eating too much fruits and I needed to reduce it. So, as soon as I am done eating all the fruits I have in my fridge, I will attempt to spend a whole week with only eating fruits 2 times during that week or go cold turkey. I don't know how it will go but I want to try. I have been able to remove mil from my diet, I should be able to reduce fruits. 
I do not take sugar in my teas or things like that but we know that you can find it in a multitude of food. I just try to pay attention to the sugar I consume and one of the ways is to reduce my fruit intake. I am certain that I will see results afterward while. at the beginning, my  body will probably be in chock but it will get used to it.
Eating healthy is a muscle one need to train like everything else. I am on a journey and I can't wait to see where it leads.