Monday, March 13, 2017

Simple Gilt-Head Bream


After trying different recipes to make my fish, I realized that you should never make it too complicated. Fish is a very special type of meat and when you try to do too much to it, it comes out disgusting.
For most of my fish recipes, I use a simple base of oil, salt, black pepper (any pepper) and build from there.

At the African store, I found a bag of "gilt-head (sea) bream, also known as "dorad royal" or commonly known in Kinshasa (DRC) as "mabundu". Unfortunately, it was not cleaned and I had to gut and clean it myself. It is not glamorous but I thanked my mama for showing it to me even when I did not want to.

So here is how I make my fish:

My best friends in this whole gutting process that can be very very messy.

My gilt-head before gutting. 

Here cleaned up and ready to be seasoned. I removed the head as well to make it simple 

I blended green onions, white onion, garlic, added salt, black pepper. For 4 fishes, I had one bouquet of green onions, half a white onion, a whole garlic head. You can add ginger as well. 

Mixed it all with my fish and some Mrs. Dash, Garlic & Herb Seasoning Blend salt-free. I put it in the freezer overnight and the next day, took it out of the fridge to thaw before cooking.

Forgot to show before the oven, but I added lemon juice and lemons inside and on top of the fishes. I added vegetable oil as well. Use non-stick spray so you can remove easily your fish. You can also use parchment paper. 
You do not have to bake it, you can fry it in a pan as well. 

I had it with my baked sweet potatoes ( see recipe from last week) and green beans (recipe from 3 Fois par Jour)

Bon Appétit!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sweet Potatoes


How do you make your sweet potatoes? You can bake them whole, boil them, deep fry or bake them seasoned. There are so many recipes out there and just today, I saw one on Savor Home Instagram stories of rosemary and honey sweet potatoes.

Here is how I make mine and I love how simple it is.

I used 2 large sweet potatoes and cut them in cubes. 

I seasoned them with seasoned salt, paprika, black pepper and thyme.

To make it easier, I used the vegetable oil bottle cap to measure the oil. I used 5 bottle cap of oil for this many sweet potatoes. Mix well and make sure that every single potato is coated.

Place them on parchment paper or foil ready for your oven at 350F. If using foil, it is best to use non-sick spray to make sure they do not stick to your plate before lining the sweet potatoes. I left it to bake for 45 minutes to an hour. It all depends of how your oven works. 

Et voilà!! They are ready for you. You can have them with any kind of food or as a snack.
Bon Appétit!