Monday, February 20, 2017

White kidney beans


I was craving a taste from my childhood. I wanted to eat beans the way my mum was making it and I had all the necessary ingredient. I remember that we would have the beans with rice and they would have different kind of meat in the bean sauce.
Sometimes, with my sister, we would eat the beans with bread instead just to make it different. Just to say that this dish is versatile. You can have it with rice, plantains, bread and be creative.

Here is how I make my beans

 These are the beans I get from the market

 I boil them with spices; I added paprika, seasoned salt and pepper. I want it to soften but not too much because I will have to cook it afterward with my tomato sauce. 

 For my tomato sauce. Not shown here is tomato paste and seasoned salt

 I cook the veggies in vegetable oil and I add my spices so it all cooks together

 I could not find my can opener so my old skills from Africa came handy. I opened it with a kitchen knife

 I added smoked pork to my tomato sauce to have that smoked flavor 

 I let the tomato sauce cook for 10 minutes and I add it to my kidney pot 

 I added the smoked pork as well and I let it all cook for a good 30 minutes. If need a little more. I want the beans to be soft and the tomatoes to cook. 

Final result!!! I had it with plantains and brown rice. I was a happy camper I would say!!


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