Sunday, February 5, 2017

Portobello Mushrooms


I was looking for a recipe for portobello mushrooms burgers and I found one but I have a hard time following recipes so I made it my own. I wanted it to be quick and easy so here what i did.

 I washed my mushrooms and placed them on a baking tray

 I mixed olive oil +thyme+season salt+chili pepper+oregano
Here you can be as creative as you want and mix whatever you like

 I coated my mushrooms on both sides with the mix

On the side, I cut half a sweet potato I had laying around and seasoned it with paprika, season salt, chili pepper and olive oil.

I placed my sweet potatoes and mushrooms in the oven at 350 F
I have to say, make your sweet potatoes first because they take some time to cook. You might have all the veggies ready and your sweet potatoes still cooking (that is what happened to me)

 Prep any veggies you would like to cook. I had red bell pepper, onion, green onion, ginger, garlic and shallot

You want your mushrooms to cook through. There will be water coming out of it and I let it cook till a lot of that water evaporated. Still, we don't want our mushrooms to by "dry".

 As per usual, I added kale and green beans I had from the previous day into my veggie mix.

Voila, the final product. I used the mushrooms as burger buns and stuffed it with my veggie mix.
For your veggies, you want your onions and garlic to caramelize well. They give an added flavor to the whole meal. I really enjoyed it and will surely make it again.


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