Monday, February 13, 2017



When I was younger, I never enjoyed cooking. My mum and I never saw eye to eye on the cooking subject. I had to cook on weekends and holidays. I loved to eat but the cooking part was not my thing. I did not mind baking though. It was fun and the final product was always satisfying.
But if you know African food, you would know that it takes a while to prep, even longer to make and forever to cook. Yet, my mum wanted to make sure that I was not going to be eating out of a can or frozen diners when I left the family nest. Now I understand it.
These days when I want to make an African dish that I love and cannot remember how to, she is the first person I call. I have now made more African dishes than I thought I could, thanks to my mum even miles and miles away. I still have mix feelings about cooking though.
Nowadays, I use it to relax and I like to know what goes into my food. With all this eating healthy and right, it is always better to cook your own food and it saves you some money. However, having someone else make me my favorite dish, is still way better than me getting into the kitchen.

To more meals and baking for 2017!!!!
 Beignets or Puff Puff depending on which part of the world you're from

Fried plantains, wild rice with Pondu (cassava leaves)

Chocolate cake I made for one of my birthdays a couple years back. 

Tortellini in cream sauce with bell peppers

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