Monday, January 30, 2017

Random Vegetable Mix


I admire people who are able to do elaborated meals during the week. When I come back from a long day of work and a good sweat session at the gym, I do not want to spend forever in my kitchen. I need a quick and healthy meal; easier said than done. More than once I have reached for the cereal box and called it a day.
Sometimes though, I try to make something that looks healthy and taste yummy. Thus, this mix here was created.

 1. I just grabbed what I had in my fridge: zucchini, red bell pepper, onion, garlic

 2. Warmed up olive oil with some thyme and seasoned salt

 3. Onion and garlic in your pan until a slightly golden

 4. Added the zucchini and the bell pepper

 5. I thought why not add some kale as well

 6. Added some green beans I had just boiled and let the whole thing cook for a few minutes

 7. I popped the whole thing in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes at 350 F

8. There you have it, quick, easy and filling. Don't forget to remove those thyme branches.

Next time I will skip the zucchini and add something else; asparagus maybe?


Monday, January 23, 2017


Good day,

I really want to improve my baking skills and I know that I have got to put in some effort and time. So, I bought this book at "Half Price Book Store" when I was on holiday for a bargain and I cannot wait to try its recipes.
I like that the beginning gives you basics of baking and terminologies of the baking world. Yes, I am excited for a book but so much potential. Will I take advantage of it? I hope so and I will take you with me on this baking journey.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Veggie soup

Good day,

After eating to my heart's content during this holiday, I had to come back and get my eating right.
I made this veggie mix that can be customized to your liking. You can add as many vegetables as you want or remove.

 1. Prepped all my veggies. You can use whatever was going bad in your refrigerator  that you could salvage
 2. I found 4 potatoes laying around and decided to add them.
One green bell pepper
4 small potatoes
2 green onions that I was able to salvage
2 tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic
Half a cabbage
2 cups of mushrooms
2 hands of spinach
A full carton of vegetable broth

 3. Sauté the garlic, green onion and garlic

 4. Once your garlic gets golden, you add the bell pepper

 5. You do not want it to cook through but once it start to get slightly soft, I added the mushroom and nutmeg to your liking. I rinsed my mushrooms before adding them

 6. After a few minutes, you can add your potatoes and cabbage. I let them cook for 5 minutes

 7. I added the tomatoes and the whole carton of vegetable broth.
I did not add any salt because I could not find the less sodium broth. These things can be very salty; therefore, please wait to taste it before adding any salt.

 8. Wash your spinach and add it at the end and I added a bit of water.

 9. I let it cook on low heat for about 45 minutes
You want your potatoes to be soft but not to disintegrate. We want most of our veggies to cook but not go yucky soft

 10. Here with some pita chips I got from Whole Food. ( I had to make it a bit interesting)



***edit: my sister thinks that adding sausages would take it to another level. Should try that next time

Monday, January 9, 2017

A version of "Gateau 4 quart" / Pound Cake

Good day,

I love to bake that is no secret and this recipe is the base of all my cakes/experiments.
As the name says it, you should have equal part flour, butter, eggs and sugar to make the cake. I did not want to be bothered so I went this way:

 1. All of the ingredients and I could not decide between vanilla or lemon flavor

 2. I used 3/4 cup of sugar with 4 eggs

 3. I beat the eggs and sugar until it looks white and creamy. I added one bar of room temperature butter

 4. Mix one cup of flour with 1 teaspoon of baking power and half a teaspoon of baking soda
Afterward, add the flour slowly to the eggs/butter/sugar mixture

 5. I went ahead with lemon and added the lemon zest with a bit of lemon juice

 6. To make it easy, I used a round foil plate

7. At 350 F in the oven, I baked for about an hour and make sure it is cooked through. You can tell by sticking a knife or toothpick into it. If it comes clean, we are good.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Quiche Lorraine

Good day,

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Quiche Lorraine is a very easy dish to make. You can use leftovers from your fridge and it takes less than 15 minutes to make and I would say 45 minutes to an hour to cook.
I used this recipe as my base and adjusted it to my liking.

 1. I went ahead with 8 eggs to make two quiches

 2. I bought my crust from Walmart.
     A couple if bell peppers
     Cooking cream or whipped cream
     Green onions
     Italian style cheeses
     All seasoned spice
     Red pepper
     Pinch of salt

You can add as much as you want or as little as you want to your liking

3. I mixed everything together, filled my crusts and garnished them with more cheese.

 4. The extra cheese on top allows your quiche to be all golden when cooked

 5. I also made a chicken tomatoes. I replaced the ham by grilled chicken bought at Whole Food and added the tomatoes on top

I made a lot of these during the holidays because it was my family's favorite.
Try it and you will love it.